Berlin’s vivid nightlife scene is at the verge of a fresh transformation now thanks to this badass femme, trans and non-binary DJ collective taking the city up a storm. The latest exciting addition to the inimitable techno scene of the dancing capital is No Shade; comprised of 41ISSA, LINNÉA, Bad Juju, Panasiagirl, Sara Fumaça, Kikelomo, PERIGGA, Ace of Diamonds, Folly Ghost, Grinder Teeth, AUCO, FORESTA and Ceekayin2u; that aims to create a solid network for young DJs in order to create a more inclusive and sustainable music environment.

The collective also functions as an initiative collaboration project with the support of Acud Macht, another initiative in Berlin that aims to offer room for discourse, exchange and experimental artistic formats as funded by Musicboard Berlin. This supportive scheme allows No Shade to offer a training program and a nightclub series. “We wanted to focus on femme, trans and non-binary beginner DJs for the mentoring program, as a local attempt to help event out the current gender imbalance within the DJ world.” says co-founder Linnea Palmestål. Creating a safety net for underrepresented young demographics, No Shade’s fearless, nonconformist and encouraging attitude brings the much-needed egalitarian dynamic into the competitive electronic music scene.

[12:45, 1/25/2019] Julia Parchimowicz: ATTENTION Year Zero Magazine Photoshoot (3D Scan <3 )

We are meeting at MONOMANGO, studio i work at which has been nice enough to let use the space and gear. 

Gero, my friend from the studio will help us set up photogrammetry and prepare the meshes for me. We start at 18:00. No need to come all at the ame time since we need about 50 photos each to compile a good scan. Maybe we can do slots? There is a lot of space but would be best to keep it under control if you know what i mean. 

Four outfits/props think: dollhouse, the simz, bratz, barbie fantasy. Let’s make this crazy and super exxagerated, you can up with a character and stuff. 




Please confirm if you can do same time same place.

Please also make sure you have a look together for the shoot and if you need any help with it let us know asap so we can help each other out 🙂

Will post a moldboard soon x

[11:51, 1/28/2019] Ezgi Karabulut: even better for me! thanks for the update Carmel

[11:53, 1/28/2019] Viereins Issa: okay can do next week as well.

[11:56, 1/28/2019] Sibel Öndek: better for me too x 

[11:59, 1/28/2019] Kim Ex: Should work for me too. down to get some input re: styling

[13:07, 1/28/2019] Veslemøy Rustad Holseter: Fine by me also:)

[13:20, 1/28/2019] Sara Fumaça: Works better for me too 


[16:03, 2/4/2019] Carmel Koster: Can you write down in comment what time you planning on arriving to the shoot tomorrow? Shoot location will be our shop on Schönleinstrasse 26 


[16:08, 2/4/2019] Clarisse Mü: After 7 pm i’m free. Would drop by then. 

[16:08, 2/4/2019] Kim Ex: Aiming to get there between 19 and 20.

[16:11, 2/4/2019] Viereins Issa: hope 8 is not to late?

[17:04, 2/4/2019] Carmel Koster: hopefully some other ppl can come earlier.. so far id put u clarisse and Kim in a set together then:)

[17:12, 2/4/2019] Ki Ke: I will also be around 7-8 but will need to do my make up

[17:13, 2/4/2019] Carmel Koster: We definitely need ppl to shoot from like 3.30/4 who’s around??

[17:14, 2/4/2019] Veslemøy Rustad Holseter: I can come earlier, like 4 if necessary

[17:14, 2/4/2019] Thea Carla Schøtt: 2

[17:16, 2/4/2019] Ezgi Karabulut: 19- 19:20

[18:00, 2/4/2019] Ezgi Karabulut: i can’t come earlier tuesday evenings we have a meeting that i have to join. 

[18:05, 2/4/2019] Nat Assia: Will come after work so around 7 maybe 6 if i manage to sneak out earlier somehow

[10:12 2/5/2019] Julia Parchimowicz: Hey babes, re the shoot today. If anyone can come early, from 4pm on would be really lovely. So apart from the styling stuff from Isla and Melisa Please bring any niece pieces of clothing you like so we can put this thing together. We definitely also need ACCESORIES AND PROPS. Anything that will give more of a dollhouse feel free to bring. 

[10:13 2/5/2019] Veslemøy Rustad Holseter: ok will try to make it for 4 🙂 

[10:17 2/5/2019] Kim Ex: I’ll try and swing by my place to pick some stuff up if i have enough time

[10:21 2/5/2019] Ki Ke: Bringing a Traktor S4 DJ controller from work! Carmel Koster do you have gel and brushes? I forgot to do my baby hairs and yours always look fly 

[10:23 2/5/2019] Carmel Koster: I don’t have gel but I do have a brush and some other gunk I think we can use. If need b we can go Rodman’s or maybe smb else has even.. Linnea Palmestål cud u grab gel n a toothbrush if u still at home? 🙂 

[14:12 2/5/2019] Linnea: On my way too with loooots of clothes pls bring eye lash glue if someone has

[14:30 2/5/2019] Ki Ke: Hair gel for laying baby hairs would be much appreciated<3

[14:55 2/5/2019] Carmel Koster: I might have lash glue can check. Won’t make it out for gel but maybe smb else can. 

[15:01 2/5/2019] Viereins Issa: i’ll try to find gel!  

[gel photo] Does it also work? Can bring it.

Tooth brush too.

[20:22 2/5/2019] Viereins Issa: soooorryyy i am late but bringing pizza. 

[20:23 2/5/2019] Carmel Koster: All gud 


[16:32 2/8/2019] Julia Parchimowicz: babies i am deep into assembling the 3d scans. if anyone wants to contribute some 3d objects/virtual graffiti stuff you are welcome to come by my place on Sunday to try out some VR painting/sculpting 🙂 

[16:33 2/8/2019] Kim Ex: dunno yet if ill have time but if i do ill msg you, very down

[16:36 2/8/2019] Julia Parchimowicz: also possible to submit a scan/drawing 🙂

[17:42 2/8/2019] Sara Fumaça: Same here, I dunno yet if I will have enough time but def I am super keen to give it a try

[17:43 2/8/2019] Shaun Bass: Hey JUJU maybe its easier to have more room and do 3D graffiti at our shop space? Feel VR easier when u can move more.

Also we wanted to rescan you and ourselves so maybe we can kill 2 birds with one stone?

[17:50 2/8/2019] Tres Folly: Would absolutely love to if i have time [3]

[18:06 2/8/2019] Shaun Bass: THAT WAS FUN! Same again tonight? haha


[16:32 2/9/2019] Sara Fumaça: Sweet!

[17:54 2/9/2019] Julia Parchimowicz: Why we are the best

[17:55 2/9/2019] Linnea: hahah

[17:56 2/9/2019] Julia Parchimowicz: Btw 3D scans turned out amazing!!!! Only calculated half of y’all but im already sweating from excitement

[17:59 2/9/2019] Sibel: can’t wait to see them!!

[18:21 2/9/2019] Linnea: was really great representation last night, kike made a super good job of hosting and promoting us at any given opportunity